Turnkey Kitchen Gardens

A He Provides Turnkey Kitchen Garden is the fastest, easiest, and the most failsafe way to get a productive raised bed garden!
It allows you to grow your own fresh and organic food at home while lowering your grocery bills and food waste.

By choosing the turnkey route to achieve your garden goals you will ensure the job is done right the first time.

Start Your Turnkey Kitchen Garden in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 Free Phone Consultation

Step 1: Arrange a Free Phone Consultation with He Provides.

During this brief phone meeting, we discuss what you hope to achieve with your property, current conditions, and how we can bring your vision to life!
Step 2 In person meeting

Step 2: In person meeting at your property.

This is the time for us to thoroughly assess the proposed garden area and discuss what will be necessary to bring your vision to life.
Step 3 Design Approval

Step 3: Design Approval.

We will prepare a basic sketch of the Turnkey Kitchen Garden according to our On Location discussion. Once the sketch and quote are approved and initial payment received we will get to work on Scheduling any landscape work needed, Handcrafting your Raised Beds, and Ordering all necessary materials.

*We strive to have all gardens installed within 2 – 4 weeks of initial payment unless otherwise noted.

What's Included in Your Turnkey Garden?

Turnkey Gardens include: our handcrafted redwood and metal raised beds, our specially curated raised bed soil, plants, a customized garden plan, our custom plant tags, automatic irrigation for raised beds, and raised bed greenhouse covers for Large-sized beds.

This Turnkey service comes with everything you need to have an aesthetically appealing and highly productive raised bed garden without you needing to lift a shovel, move a wheelbarrow, or even put on gloves.

Our pricing is straightforward and simple, $100 per sqft with a 4 Raised Bed Minimum.

Turnkey Garden Maintenance Made Easy

Once your garden is all set up, you can take it over and manage the garden according to the garden plan that comes with your Turnkey Kitchen Garden.

If you would like to spend minimal time maintaining the garden but want to ensure you are maximizing its productivity, you can set up a maintenance package with He Provides and we can tend to the garden on a bi-weekly or monthly basis while you enjoy the bounty.

We design and build Turnkey Kitchen Gardens to provide you and your loved ones the most locally grown and organically raised food possible for many years to come.

Take Sustainability One Step Further

The Highest level of Residential Gardening is a Four Season Kitchen Garden. A Four Season Kitchen Garden must produce at least three; Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, and Herbs throughout all Four Seasons of the year.
If this is how you would like to set up your Turnkey Garden, let the He Provides representative you speak with know during your consultation.