Four Season Kitchen Garden

What Is a Four Season Kitchen Garden?

A garden producing at least three; Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, and Herbs throughout all four seasons of the year.
With the right amount of space, sun, and budget, He Provides can establish a Four Season Kitchen Garden on your property that has fruit available to harvest in each season of the year, has vegetables and greens available to harvest in each season of the year, and herbs you can cook with, in each season of the year.

Here is an illustration of what a Four Season Kitchen Garden can look like.

He Provides Local Redlands Yuicaipa Garden Map
He Provides garden materials and raised beds.
Raised garden bed herbs and plants per box size
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➽ He Provides uses Intensive Gardening practices. The figures above are estimates of what an established Four Season Kitchen Garden can yield annually when the Garden plan is followed precisely and the trees and plants are maintained properly.
➽ Fruit Trees are Long Term investments and may not bear abundant amounts of fruit until their third year in the ground.

Having food growing in your own yard all year round
can eliminate a good portion of your grocery expenses!

Reduce your dependency on the grocery store and start using the God-given; Soil, Water, Sun, Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, and Herbs to cultivate a large portion of what you already eat regularly from your own yard in an Organic way and with a far more Superior Taste than commercial production.

The Four Season Kitchen Garden is a great teaching experience for children allowing them to learn how to care for plants and grow their own food. There is a multitude of ways children can learn from and enjoy a garden during all four seasons.

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We build Four Season Kitchen Gardens to be an extension of your home.
It is important for us to create a garden for you that you enjoy coming out to each day and feel comfortable relaxing near. We strive to create an atmosphere in the gardens that we design and build that homeowners are excited about, which leads to families spending more time outside regularly.

Not only will your family and neighbors appreciate your Four Season Kitchen Garden because of the large bounty of organically/locally grown fruits, vegetables, greens, and herbs it produces, but if you sell your home having established fruit trees with a productive, neat, modern garden that is easy to maintain, it may increase your home’s value.

No more worrying during food shortages at the grocery store. With a Four Season Kitchen Garden fit for your home, you, your family, and your community can have PLENTY of some of your favorite and most essential foods helping you to be adequately prepared for any unforeseen challenges in the national food supply.