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Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

He Provides makes sustainability at home easy and practical, with turnkey or DIY kitchen gardens, full-cycle composting, and solar solutions!

Our mission is to reinvent your residential space to help you live a sustainable lifestyle that saves you time and money, and reduces your ecological footprint.

We help you transform your yard into a highly efficient and productive kitchen garden, and install composting and solar solutions that fit your home!

“He watereth the hills from his chambers: the earth is satisfied with the fruit of thy works. He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, 
and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, 
and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth man’s heart.” 

Psalms‬ ‭104:13-15‬

Bringing to Life Your Sustainability Vision

Power your home sustainably

Reduce your dependency on the grid and start using the God-given Sun to power your home with sustainable solar energy.


Easily start a home garden that adapts to your needs and space! You'll be able to reduce your dependency on the grocery store and start using the God-given; Soil, Water, Sun, Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, and Herbs to grow organic food that you regularly eat from your own yard.

Become eco-friendly

Reduce your WASTE by using the God-given worms of the earth to eat a large portion of your kitchen scraps and produce remarkably High-quality compost in the process to then add back into your Garden to feed it! 

REINVENT the open space in your yard and open space on your roof and let
He Provides help you make a positive environmental impact that; you, your family, and community will benefit from.

Let’s Transform Your Home And Garden Together!

Make Your Home More Sustainable With Our Easy Process

He Provides helps you make sustainability practical at home, no matter your level of experience!

Personalize Your Sustainable Experience

With He Provides, you can choose your sustainable home solution and fully adapt it to your needs. Whether you get a turnkey garden, or build a DIY garden, we’ll provide you with easy resources to maintain a sustainable lifestyle at home.

Enjoy The Fruit Of Your Work

 Our turnkey & DIY kitchen gardens allow you to grow organic fruits, vegetables, greens, and herbs for you and your loved ones. Best of all you will experience real progress in the garden that will make you glad!

Save Money & Reduce Waste

Grow food at home that you will enjoy to eat, lower your monthly expenses by switching to solar energy, and save money on fertilizer with our full-cycle composting system. Reducing your ecological footprint is easy with our sustainability experts!


He Provides is here to Design, Build, and Plant a Turnkey Kitchen Garden perfect for you, your family, and your community.

We build Turnkey Kitchen Gardens to be an extension of your home.

➽ It is important for us to create a garden for you that you enjoy coming out to each day and feel comfortable relaxing near. We strive to create an atmosphere in the gardens that we design and build that homeowners are excited about, which leads to families spending more time outside regularly.

Below are 3 Realistic examples of healthy meals that by having He Provides design and build your Turnkey Kitchen Garden, you can eat from YOUR OWN garden in a short period of time! (Season Dependent).  

Full-Day menu From Your KItchen Garden

Breakfast from your garden


Oatmeal with fruits and green smoothie.

*Complete Healthy Breakfast made of 14 different items and 13 of them can be grown Organically from Your Own Yard!

Lunch from your garden


#SuperFood Salad and freshly squeezed pure orange juice.

*All the items of this Super Healthy lunch can be Organically grown in Your Own Yard!

Dinner from your garden


Chicken Breast, Mashed potato, Zucchini, and Broccoli. Side of fresh light salad and lemonade.

*Great tasting dinner made of 19 different items and 18 of them can be grown organically from your own yard!

Complete and Healthy; Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
➽ YOU GREW IT, producing a harvest of food with Taste, Quality, and Nutrition superior to what you are accustomed to from the grocery store!

Let's help bring your Garden Dreams to Fulfillment!

Maintenance Packages

Love the idea of a Garden but don’t love the idea of having to do the work necessary to keep it thriving?

Don’t worry! He Provides is here to help. We offer routine maintenance packages for Turnkey Kitchen Gardens on a bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly maintenance schedule. 

*Pricing based on needs.

Full-Cycle Composting Systems

Full Cycle Composting System

Full Cycle Composting should help you to greatly lower your homes weekly waste and minimize the need for bulk compost and fertilizers to keep your Garden thriving.

We use a small in-home composter that discreetly sits on the kitchen counter allowing food scraps to begin their decomposition process.
This in-home composter is one of the best on the market and when used properly it does not attract bugs or release a smell.
The contents of the small in home composter are regularly dumped into the outdoor Vermicomposting system containing Earthworms that break down the organic waste from the kitchen into some of the world’s best fertilizer!

The Outdoor Vermicomposting system we use even has a window that allows onlookers to watch the natural process of worms breaking down food scraps and other compostable materials. This enables children to conceptualize the natural system that God created for all humanity.

Solar Solutions

Start using the God given Sun to provide the electricity for your home!

Going Solar is one Easiest ways you can start living a more Sustainable Lifestyle. Solar has a nearly instant benefit to the planet and your wallet. It is an affordable clean energy. He Provides works with some of the leading solar companies in the industry to provide a solar solution for you with some of the best technology available at competitive pricing. 

We have solar programs that can reduce your energy cost with NO rate increases for the foreseeable future at NO upfront cost to you OR you can purchase the system outright and significantly reduce or completely eliminate your energy bill(aside from the mandated around $10 fee to be connected to the grid) for the foreseeable future. The solar solutions we offer can come equipped with a battery that stores solar energy allowing you to have access to the power you are accustomed to even in a blackout. 

Depending on if you lease or purchase outright, having an efficient and up to date solar solution could increase the value of your home.

Schedule a Free Personalized Phone Consultation with us today where we can review what solar solution best fits your needs.


The Johnson Family

The Johnson family is a 4 member household (2 parents, 2 children) in Southern California that typically spends around $1,230 per month at the grocery store with about ⅓ of the expense ($410) being organic produce (fruits, vegetables, greens, and herbs).

This family has a 2,100 sq. ft. home and has an average electric bill of $245 per month spiking in summer months and relatively normal in winter months.

Below is a sketch of the Johnson Family property before The He Provides Effect. 

Before He Provides Plan

Here is the #HeProvidesAffect plan for The Johnson Family.

He Provides Affect Garden Map for the Johnson Family
legend four season kitchen garden
He Provides Product List

Possible Total Annual Yield Of Established Garden


6,585 Pieces of fruit + 15,100 Berries

9,000 Olives


1,926 LBS


1,112 LBS


232 LBS

In total that’s 17 Fruit varieties, 28 Vegetable varieties, 15 Greens varieties, and 12 Herb varieties yielding 3,270 Pounds of Food + 30,685 Pieces of Fruit for the Johnson Family, their Friends, and Community (once the Four Season Kitchen Garden is mature) every year for the foreseeable future! The Johnson family can also look forward to producing and having access to 20% more electricity than they currently use and around 300 LBS of Organic Worm castings to help keep their garden fed.

Organic • Local • Sustainable!

With implementation of a Turnkey Four Season Kitchen Garden the Johnson family will be able to bring their budget for; fruits, vegetables, greens, and herbs to $0 and long term they will likely reduce their spending on other grocery store foods being that they have an abundance of food growing on their own property.

If the Johnson family continued paying $410 a month on fruits, vegetables, greens, and herbs over the next 20 years they would be spending $98,400 (not accounting for inflation).

He Provides will; design, build, install, and get the Four Season Kitchen Garden started that has the potential to produce well over 20 years for far less than that expense!

If the Johnson family continued paying $245 per month for electricity from the utility company for the next 25 years they would be spending $73,500 (not accounting for the ever so regular rate hikes).  

He Provides will have a solar array; custom designed, permitted, and installed that produces 20% more energy than they currently use in a clean and sustainable way for far less! Once the Solar array is installed and turned on, the Johnson family can partake in Instant Savings!

Within about 3 months time after the Four Season Kitchen Garden Installation, the Johnson family will be able to use their own garden for a large majority of the vegetables, greens, and herbs they typically buy at the store.

Once the fruit trees are established they will start producing loads of organic fruit that the Johnson family can enjoy in various seasons of the year. All of the fruits, vegetables, greens, and herbs that the Johnson family currently enjoys will be growing on their own property. 

-He Provides

This is the plan for the Johnson family. 

Let’s develop a plan fit for you and/or your family.

We can Scale up or Scale Down based on YOUR need, available space, and budget.

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