Tower Garden

He Provides now offers Tower Gardens as a part of our package of edible garden solutions!
Tower gardens are easy hydroponic systems that use aeroponic technology growing plants in an air or mist environment rather than soil.
Simply put these systems use 90% less space. Grow plants up to 3 times faster, while using 98% less water!

These systems complement our Turnkey Kitchen Gardens perfectly allowing our customers to grow plants in their raised beds that do best in soil like tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes and growing other plants on the Tower Garden® that will produce quickly and be used often like lettuce, asian greens and more!

We set these vertical gardens up to grow up to 44 plants on a single tower at one time. A single tower can provide a fresh head of lettuce every day of the week using our optimum growing strategies.
Want He Provides to install and maintain some Tower Gardens at your home or business?

Schedule a Free consultation Today and we can bring you up to speed on the simple process of how they work and get them set up and maintained on a regular basis for you!

Would you like to DIY Tower Garden®?
If you have a small home or apartment and want to try Tower Garden on a balcony or even inside your home, Tower Gardens can be shipped directly to your home and you can follow the simple and easy instructions to get your Tower Garden® started!
Order your Tower Garden® to be shipped direct to your home here:
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