Full Cycle Composting System


*Shipping only to Southern California

You will be contacted by a member of our team within 24 hours of placing your order to schedule the delivery of your Full Cycle Composting System.

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*Shipping only to Southern California

Our Full Cycle Composting system comes complete with an in home countertop composting container to store daily kitchen scraps and the outdoor vermicomposting system to empty your composting materials into.

We deliver the composting system fully assembled. The system is set up with all the required materials to get it started such as; bedding, starter compost, worms, worm food, and detailed information about how to properly maintain the system for optimal results!

We handcraft each of the stands for these vermicomposting systems and order the actual container from another county so please allow around 4-6 weeks for delivery to your home. 

Reduce your carbon footprint by diverting your kitchen scraps from the landfill to your Full Cycle Composting system and get rewarded with high quality worm castings and happy pet worms in the process.