On Location Consultation


You are one step closer to fulfilling your Four Season Kitchen Garden Dreams!

We are glad that you enjoyed your initial Phone Consultation with He Provides! We hope you are excited to get your Four Season Kitchen Garden and Full Cycle Composting going this season!

Our next step is an On Location Consultation

During the On Location Consultation we will: Tour the current landscape of your property and Discuss what needs to be done to bring your Vision to Life.

Next we will prepare a basic sketch of the Turnkey Kitchen Garden according to our On Location discussion. We send you the sketch and estimate for materials and installation.

➽ Upon approval of sketch and estimate and completion of Initial Payment we will get to work on Scheduling any landscape work needed, Handcrafting your Raised Beds, and Ordering all necessary materials.

We strive to have all Turnkey Kitchen Gardens installed within 2 – 4 weeks of initial payment unless otherwise noted.

He Provides Turnkey Kitchen Gardens and Full Cycle Composting come complete with everything you need to get started.

➽The Gardens we design are finished complete with Finished landscape work, Handcrafted Raised Beds, Required Raised Bed Soil, Vegetable and Herb Plants, Plant Identifiers, Fruit Trees, Fruit Tree Identifiers, Automatic Irrigation, Trellises, and More!

➽The Composting Systems we offer are fully assembled and installed complete with necessary bedding, starter compost, worms, worm food, and other essentials to get started.
These systems are designed to be low maintenance after initial set up.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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